Where are my files stored?

The files you upload are hosted on our high-speed servers. Your individual virtual drive is set up for you when you register. By becoming a registered user you can create your own folders and upload files.

How secure are the files?

We take security very seriously. Please review our security policy at 4shared security overview.

How long are the files stored for?

Your free account and all your files will be kept safely at 4shared, unless you don't log into your account for 180 days.

Why I need to sign up?

We require a registration to create your account and set up your virtual drive, which allows you access to your files from any computer connected to the Internet, just by entering your e-mail and password. Your files are kept safe within your account until you decide to share them.
Signing up is free and easy, and it takes only seconds to complete. There is no need to enter your credit card details.

What is the expiration date for my account?

The expiration date will be postponed for 180 days every time you log into your account. If you don't log in for 180 days, all your files will be deleted. If you use your account regularly, you'll be able to save your files as long as you wish. This term is extended for popular files that are more actively downloaded.

What is 4shared account verification?

Once you have signed up for a 4shared account, you need to verify it prior to getting access to 4shared services and features.

Why is 4shared account verification necessary?

Account verification confirms that the particular e-mail address, which you have entered while creating an account, is your actual e-mail address and ensures that you have access to it.
Only verified users can access their 4shared accounts, share and download files and folders, preview files, leave comments to files, or use other essential features of the service.

How to verify an account at 4shared?

Account verification is very simple. Upon the creation of your 4shared account, you will receive an e-mail with a verification link. To confirm the verification of your account, you only need to click this link.
Having clicked the link, your web browser will open with a notification, that your 4shared account has been verified.
In case nothing happens after you click on the verification link, you need to copy & paste it in your web browser.
In case you haven't received an e-mail with a verification link, please, check the Spam folder at your e-mail account.

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